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Tender Care Training Center opened in February 2001. The only goal, at that time, was to teach men and women to become qualified Nurse Aides in the state of Georgia. Its only staff was a coordinator, an instructor and volunteer secretaries. One year later, evening classes were started for Nurses Aides and in 2003, the center added the Phlebotomy training program to its curriculum. In addition, the Pharmacy Technician Training course was implemented in 2010. 

Tender Care has expanded and our staff now consists of an administrator, two Registered Nurses coordinators, four instructors (Licensed Practical Nurses), three clinical assistants, a secretary, receptionist and two record clerks.

The center is fully accredited by the Georgia Health Partnership, formally known as Georgia Medical Care Foundation, and by the National Phlebotomy Association, Inc. Tender Care Training Center has the authorization of the Non Public Post-Secondary Education Commission.